September 2017- Received preliminary park design from the City of Chicago

June 2017-McKinley Dog Park Committee joins the McKinley Park Farmer’s Market

May 2017-First fundraising event is held at Home Run Inn

April 2017-Official fundraising efforts begin.

September 2016-Pershing and Western location is approved by CPD

March 2015-Objection to application rejection is submitted (includes letter of support from alderman and unofficial petition signatures)

February 2015-Second Application for DFA is submitted (Damen & Pershing)


November 2014-Location proposal is rejected by CPD due to over-utilization(Damen &



October 2014-Initial Application for DFA is submitted (Damen & Pershing)


September 2014-McKinley Dog Park Committee becomes sub-committee of McKinley Park Advisory Council


August 2014-McKinley Dog Park Committee is formed